2022-112-10 JO08-1 Stroe-JO08-3 SC Hoevelaken 6-4 (3-3)

2022-112-10 JO08-1 Stroe-JO08-3 Hoevelaken 6-4 (3-4)

Despite the cold weather, today the team played one of the best games of the past half season, half-time 3-3, final result 6-4.....


Despite the cold weather in the morning, the kids were so excited as usual to play their match, this time against V.V.Stroe team . half an hour before the start of the match everyone, kids and parents were in the nice dressing room. Later, warming up began by running and kick the ball between the kids. the match started with 7 players for each team.
The first ten minutes of the match began with Hidde as goalkeeper. Our heroes could put pressure on Stroe team and Yem succeeded in scoring the first goal. But Stroe team was able to score, and the first session ended 1-1.
The second ten minutes began with Miro as a goalkeeper, the kids continued their entertaining performance, and they manage to score a second goal by Hide, and later by a wonderful, strong shot by Kay where the ball ended up in Stroe goal.  Stroe team managed to go back to the match and scored 2 goals to finish the second session 3-3

The third half, the goalkeeper is now Kay. The match at this point was equal between the two teams, there were many opportunities for our team where Genairo managed to score a goal and change the result to our behalf 4-3. But again, Stroe players could score again and turn the result to 4-4
 The last 10 minutes Yaman as goalkeeper, was able to stop a strong shot from Store plyers. Stroe players were more organized during this session and could score 2 goals, one of which was a free kick (it was the first time that our players dealt with this experience, and with the two goals, the match finished 6 Stroe- 4 Hoevelaken. In general, the kids played a nice game, except they sometimes during the match argued about who should shot the ball or kick it when it went out the field (Ahmed)

Vandaag konden Linde en Jessy helaas niet meespelen met het team....